Abstract Romanticism by Limb Dance Co. Kaia Goodenough

May 12, 2017

The YoPro Collective's, The Performance Salon, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, Battersea Arts Centre

The intimate setting inside of the Battersea Arts Centre is brought to life with Limb Dance Co.’s bold work Abstract Romanticism as part of the YoPro Collective’s, The Performance Salon. The evening unites four multimedia performances – ranging from visual to performance art - which all encompass the central theme of ‘Feminism and the Absurd’.  This concept seems to fit the three female dancers of Limb Dance Co. perfectly with a piece that takes inspiration from the Abstract Expressionist artist Mark Rothko.


Kaia Goodenough’s choreography exudes a rather abstract and sophisticated cool with a technical dance base that is layered with feminine quirks. But from the start, a rather apparent sense of challenge is established as the dancers precariously balance on one leg – gritting their teeth as they define gravity. This is only the beginning of a relentless sequence of movement that persists for the duration of the fifteen minute piece. Goodenough’s dancers maintain an honest humanity throughout the work - they shout profanities, gasp for air, and crumble to the ground in exhaustion as they battle through the gruelling repetitive choreography with stubborn determination – painting a picture of the resilient attitude of female dancers in a ruthless artistic industry.


The dancers’ frank authenticity creates intriguing relationships as they seamless sweep in and out of a continuous stream of intricate trios. They play with composition, perspective, and pathways, forging rectangular trails that tie the work back to the hazy geometric markings of Rothko’s artwork. However, the visual structure of the piece becomes frustratingly muddled, the clearly thought out visual structure seems to lack organisation in the small space.


In spite of this, Abstract Romanticism is the most successful piece of the evening. It is the only work that captures the real essence of the central theme. A display of feminism that is not dependent on any external male influence and the depiction of sincere human relationships in the rather bizarre abstract world of Limb Dance Co.  




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